Brand, iOS app, web, and marketing design

Created a new logo to support a company name change (previously 'lynxsy'), and established design guidelines. My role also involved designing their first native iOS app designed for job seekers, as well as enhancing the web app to optimize the hiring process for managers. These efforts were aimed at making the job search and hiring experience more intuitive and user-friendly. In addition, I managed marketing design tasks for both digital and print materials, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presentation of our brand across all platforms.

Marketing design
Animation of an old logo transforming into a new one (from lynxsy to Planted)
Mockup of Planted guidelines document opened to logo specifications
iOS app for job seekers
A vertical banner with contents: Grow your career at a job you'll love, a cat illustration, and the Planted logo
A large squre banner showing 4 Planted cat illustrations, Planted logo and website address
A grid of six Planted cats in various outfits
iOS app for job seekers
Planted merch/swag: sunglasses and stickers
Planted merch/swag: Planted cat faces


Brand and logo design: Planted was in the process of renaming their company. As the only designer on the team, I engaged in a collaborative rebranding effort, crafting a new logo and establishing design guidelines from discussions with the team. This refreshed the brand identity and ensured consistency across all platforms.

iOS app for job seekers: Once aligned on the guidelines, I worked with stakeholders on the UX/UI. This started with a map of the app, and involved creating wireframes, visuals, and prototypes, leading to the final specs. The project started with a discovery phase and progressed through focused design efforts.

Web app for hiring managers: Alongside the product manager, I revamped and iterated on the UX/UI of the web app for hiring managers, focusing on a modern, intuitive interface. This included wireframes, visual design, and interaction design, addressing key functionalities and establishing a consistent visual language.

Branding and marketing design: My role extended to designing marketing materials for both digital and physical platforms. This involved creating visually appealing content that aligned with the rebranding efforts, including infographics, merchandise and tradeshow assets.


The rebranding initiative was instrumental in elevating Planted's market presence, harmonizing the visual identity with the company's core values and mission. The introduction of the new iOS app markedly improved the user experience for job seekers, while the revamped web app did the same for hiring managers. These efforts were crucial in successfully connecting over 175,000 job seekers with 2,500 companies, leading to an 85% employment offer acceptance rate—a figure well above industry standards. Overall, the strategic design efforts across branding, the iOS app, the web app, and marketing materials were key in fortifying Planted's brand identity and improving communication effectiveness.

Mobile mockup of three onboarding screens in the Planted app
Mobile mockup of three different 'Spirit animal'  screens in the Planted app
Mobile mockup of three different screens in the Planted app
Mobile mockup of onboarding survey in the Planted app
Mockup of Planted design system elements: Color, Typography and Buttons
A map of the Planted job seeker app: zoomed in and out
Example of wireframes for accepting or rejecting a job card in the Planted iOS app
Example of wireframes for various sections of the Planted app: zoomed out
Working with someone as skilled in branding, interaction, UX, and visuals as Jason, who also collaborates effectively with product and development for efficient execution, is truly rare.
Headshot of Kevin Lawver, Planted CTO
Kevin Lawver
Planted CTO
Mockup of desktop hiring app for Planted, showing candidate Q&A
Mockup of desktop hiring app for Planted, showing notifications
Example of wireframe for the Candidate resume view in the Planted hiring app
Zoomed out examples of wireframes for various sections of the hiring app for Planted
Example of white board sketches during the process of designing the Planted apps
Example of marketing in sales materials created for Planted
Example of marketing in sales materials created for Planted
Example of thank you cards created for Planted