iOS Photo editor and Facebook app

iOS Photo editor: This project focused on enhancing the photo editing experience for both developers and consumers. My role involved designing features and elements to improve app metrics while maintaining and expanding the app's style. Through collaboration, brainstorming, and testing, we aimed to address user pain points by simplifying tool usage, enhancing customer engagement, and positioning our product as a preferred choice for photo editing needs.

Aviary Facebook app: As the sole designer, I led the interface redesign and improvements of the Aviary Facebook App, focusing on visual and functional enhancements to boost its appeal and usability. The project transitioned from a B2B showcase to a consumer favorite, requiring a visual overhaul to align with modern web expectations. Our goal was to lead the Facebook photo editing market by offering a superior user experience and design, and attracting a larger user base.

Product design
Desktop app


The process for both the iOS Photo Editor and the Facebook App was iterative and collaborative. Starting with brainstorming discovery sessions, we identified key user pain points and business objectives. I then translated these insights into tangible designs, presenting sketches, wireframes, animated prototypes, and visual designs to stakeholders.

For the iOS Photo Editor, the focus was on making tools more intuitive to increase user engagement. This involved closely observing customer interactions and iterating based on feedback to enhance the app's usability and appeal.

In the Facebook App project, I spearheaded the UI redesign and proposed UX enhancements that were incorporated into the final release. This involved guiding the app's visual transition from a skeuomorphic to a more contemporary design, ensuring it met the modern web's expectations. By analyzing the competition and refining the app's design and user experience, we aimed to establish it as the leading photo editor on Facebook, thereby increasing its user base and engagement.