iOS App for Job Seekers

Planted connects job seekers with high-growth startups. The goal was to create a native iOS app to provide candidates a way to discover new and curated opportunities every day. 

I collaborated with the stakeholders on UX/UI. I helped visualize ideas through delivery of diagrams, wireframes, visuals, prototypes, and final specs. Before and after launch, I helped with design QA.

During discovery I asked a lot of questions and reviewed the company’s initial ideas. From that information I created a site diagram. After collaborating and iterating on the site architecture, I put together a wireframe for each main group and circulated for feedback; iteration continued. With this information, I designed the UI which included icon development, illustrations, colors and interaction styles. And finally, I participated in final design QA and improvements in subsequent releases.

We had just completed a simple brand platform together. I learned about their core values: "No Jerks, Pay it Forward, Enjoy the Ride, Challenge Assumptions and Do Good." Designs are created from a mix of these core ideas, business goals, user needs, research, and the brand platform guide.