iOS Photo Editor

Aviary provides photo editing tools to developers and consumers. The goal was to help with ongoing improvements to the photo editing tools SDK and the B2C photo editor UI, and to improve a variety of metrics.

I designed various features and elements to improve metrics while adhering to and extending the existing style and tone of the app. I attended brainstorms and explored solutions to business initiatives and user desires through presentations of sketches, wireframes, animated prototypes, and visual designs. I worked closely with the team to test, iterate, and release.

The team wanted to explore solutions to pain points discovered from watching customers use specific tools in the app. 

We believed that by making the tools easier to understand, customers would be more likely to use them for longer periods of time. Additionally we believed when given the choice, customers were more likely to choose our product for their editing needs if the app felt simple to use and helped them accomplish their goals more efficiently.